Saturday, December 12, 2009


so i got laid off today
after 5 months of attempting to be a normal working stiff

god doesnt want this for me clearly

he (she?) is trying to tell me something

maybe this isnt for me...

i havent neglected music . its the only thing that keeps me sane , but i have to be honest and say i havent put as much of myself into it as i should.

we all want to be secure , we all want to feel safe... we all want stability in our lives

and ladies and gentlemen none of that exist in the music business , not unless ur kanye west or somebody

and even then your future isnt promised..

im not gonna lie and say im not afraid
this shit is scary , not having a consistent income

the economy aint exactly peachy keen right now

i think ill be ok .....

send ur positive thoughts please and thank u


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